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12 March, 2021

Country music festival to benefit children across North Queensland

MACKAY can expect to see a new country music festival come to town with amazing country stars such as Graeme Connors.

By Andrew Sorensen

North Queensland Rock’n’Country started back in 2019, after Local Building Maintenance Pty Ltd owner Geoff Baguley and other residents approached the Mackay Reigonal Council about the event.

The event took a couple of years to fire up due to the COVID pandemic but will run from August 20 to 22.

“We are definitely at the point, where it’s all systems go, everything is in place,” Mr Baguley said.

Mr Baguley said he was looking forward to the event starting up and believed it would be a hit.

“This is a major fundraiser for variety charity.

“The variety charity starts just after this festival – ten days after our festival.

“This is about raising money for the needy kids in Australia, in Queensland and more importantly, in North Queensland.

“We are hoping to raise $100,000 for this event for Variety.”

Mr Baguley said he was impressed with how lavishly dressed Mackay Regional Council Mayor Greg Williamson was.

He went on to praise the 25 local sponsors for this event, particularly P. Comino and Sons.

“We’ve got a lot of advertising at the moment – our Facebook page is going off.

“Ticket sales are going really well.”

Cr Williamson said the event was a long time in the making and had plenty of support behind it.

“We’re going to see probably the biggest country music festival and country festival, outside of tamworth,” Cr Williamson said.

“This is going to be a tremendous benchmark for our region, in terms of country.

“What we’re expecting is 15,000 people over this weekend, three days, five thousand people a day.

“This is going to be huge."

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