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23 July, 2021

Blood, sweat and beers for classic Holden

THIS 1978 model VB Commodore is a very special one as the owner got a hold of it just before he turned 15.

It was sitting in the next-door neighbour’s yard and seemed like a cool first car, so it was purchased for basically a box of beer. The owner then built it with his Dad and learnt how to drive in it. His Pop painted her in Dad’s shed. They worked on it every weekend and the family project started taking place with the added yella terra head/cam/carby/manifold/ extractors and other good bits.

He was the coolest kid in year twelve and drove it whilst being a first year apprentice. It was then pulled off the road for a V8 swap and seven years later it was black, with a built 355 powered Holden engine with early heads which ran an 11.6 down the strip. 

 After many more upgrades and another engine change the car currently has a cast VN headed 383 Holden engine in it and has now  dipped into the nines. This is hands down one of Mackay’s nicest and fastest naturally aspirated 100 percent street cars, and also possibly one of the oldest registered VB Commodores on the road. 

It was one of the first Commodores off the production line. This car has seen a lot of frustration, blood, sweat and beers and, of course, money. But it’s worth every minute when you can strap in it send it down the strip and take the family for a pub feed on the weekends.

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