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13 July, 2021

Who's in Court - Tuesday, July 13?

See who is appearing in the Mackay Magistrate's Court today. Information has been provided by the Mackay courts in good faith as is and there is no suggestion of any wrongdoing by anyone.

Daily Law List Mackay - 13 July 2021 This list is updated at 6:45am and 8:45am each day. 

Courts Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to comply with non-publication (suppression) orders or statutory provisions prohibiting publication that may apply to this information. Important note: For matters not appearing on the list or to seek assistance, please contact the Mackay registry on (07) 4889 8400. 

Arnott, Lisa Shayne, Miss

Baird, James Robert William, Mr 

Bell, Talia Louise, Miss

Berryman, Jake James, Mr

Blaik, Darren Craig

Bolger, Clinton James, Mr

Broadstock, Simon John, Mr

Brookes, Kevin James

Carroll, Ryan George

Cheney Plummer, Michael Cameron

Cook, Joel Edward, Mr

Emslie, Chantelle Louise

Evans, Tori Leigh

Farrell, Coby Thomas

Gardner, Clae Denis

Goedhart, Lea Mae 

Gover, Samantha Louise

Gray, Benjamin Michael, Mr

Gudge, Michael Henry, Mr

Hindmarsh, Tristan James

Jackson, Warwick Macleod

Joksimovic, Michael Milan, Mr

King, Jamie-Lee

Leonard, Adrian Stephen, Mr

Lynch, Darryn Dean, Mr

Mclennan, Andrew George

Measday, Kaisen Deringer Marlow

Moffitt, Owen David, Mr

Moran, Jethro Vincent, Mr

Morgan, Jason Cecil, Mr

Mulholland, Matthew Murray

Newell, Mark Adrian

Ohl, Wade Robert

Ovenden, Clinton James

Parnicott, Todd Russell, Mr

Parnicott, Todd Russell, Mr

Ritchie, William Michael, Mr

Saliba, Tina Marie

Santo, Conrad Richard, Mr

Sauney, Colleen Gwendaline

Schimke, Brian John

Schultz, Benjamin John

Scott, Darlene Jill

Seden, Edward Jeffrey Ned

Seden, Lazarus Paul

Slade, James Theodore

Solley, Adam John

Stacey, Annette Kathryn, Ms

Stockton, Alyssa Maree

Suen, Kwok Chu

Tapim, Jofarn Benjamin

Toki, Tetaona

Tonga, Travahn James

Truong, Helen

Walker, Jordan Craig

Watego, Joel Luke

Whan, Terrance James, Mr

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