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15 August, 2021


IT HAS fast become one of the most polarising and heavily-debated issues of a generation – to jab or not to jab in the face of COVID-19.

By Meredith Papas

And what makes this issue even more complicated, is that it’s not just a cut and dried to-or-not-to argument – and facts, it seems, are hard to come by. How can that be?

The Mackay region is lagging in last place on the state’s vaccination rankings – only just on 10 per cent are fully vaccinated and only 27 per cent have had their first of two  What’s even scarier, is that those resisting the jab are citing a lack of real and reliable, fact based, information to base their decision on.

How far have we fallen if we cannot rely on our media and our leaders to provide us with sound, impartial and correct information about something so vital.

 Or, are they? But in an era of opinion as-fact information sharing via social media and ‘mainstream’ columnists, are we all getting caught up in the over importance of our own views and neglecting to stop and take heed of the information we are being provided. And then there is trust. 

Or, rather, the lack there of. Perhaps for our region, that is the real illness at play here Whether it is apathy, our heads are in the sand, we don’t care or we have a bad case of “it wont happen to me”, it all comes back to a lack of information and a suspicion of what information is out there.

 For most people, when it comes to the health and welfare of their family, they are not really inclined to believe a pious pontificator – on any side of the argument’s divide. So, help yourself to some facts – thanks to our special report below taken from several sources. 

No spin. No nonsense. Today we deliver you a breakdown of the research available, to dispel myths and mistruths in the debate around COVID vaccinations. It’s straight down the line. It’s for you to decide. It’s our job to inform you. Not tell you how to live or what decision to make.


• You can register for your vaccination at one of the local hubs at 

• Mackay’s hub is located at Mackay Show Precinct – downstairs, 500 Pavilion. It is operational between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and you need to register. 

 • The closest hubs for our region, otherwise are in Townsville, Blackwater, Emerald and Rockhampton.

 • All ages are welcome to use the hub.

 • You don’t get to choose which vaccine you get – unless you fall into specific age and/or vulnerability groups. You can check this via the web address above and by checking with your health professionals.

 • Most medical centres throughout the region are able to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine but Pfizer is still only available at some centres. Call your medical centre to find out.

 • Vaccination is not compulsory. However, like many other vaccines – such as those which enable travel to certain countries, and the Flu vaccine which is mandated for anyone working in / entering health care or aged care facilities, for example, it is likely to become mandatory to enable participation in various activities.  

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