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4 June, 2021

New barrel racing club to start in Mackay

BARREL racers wanting will no longer have to travel long distances they will have soon a local club in Mackay.

These racers will be able to join the Sugar City Barrel Racing Club this September.

Club President, Melissa Milton said it was both strong demand from fans and a need for a local club in Mackay.

“There’s a lot of people who barrel race in the rodeo, and go to clubs in the Isaac region,” Ms Milton said.

“So we thought we’d open a club in the Mackay region now, so that people living in this area don’t have to travel far.

“It’s open to everyone - you don’t have to have everything, so long as you have a safe saddle, and (plus there’s) no pre-training required.”

Ms Milton explained that reception to the idea was well received, with many people keen to join.

She said there was “a lot of people (who) would come down and have a go. We’re just a friendly club, just for light competition”.

“We’re looking at kicking off on September 11 and have events every month,” Ms Milton said.

“There isn’t a barrel racing (club) currently in Mackay. With the undercover area at the (Mackay) Showgrounds’s a great opportunity to start a club there.”

Ms Milton said prospective members only needed to know “the pattern that you run in barrel racing, which is a clover leaf pattern”.

“It’s the fastest time around the three drums,” she said.

“In August, we’re going to have an information ride-on day for people that have never done barrel racing.

“We’ll just run through the pattern and how you do it, give them some tips and go through gear.”

Currently, the Sugar City Barrel Racing Club are looking for sponsors to help them out with setting up.

Ms Milton said they needed sponsors to help them get essential gear.

Interested sponsors can visit Sugar City Barrel Racing Club’s Facebook or email them at

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