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15 August, 2021

Markets connect our community

By Gillian Molloy I FEEL very fortunate in my role as I connect with members, community and stakeholders most weeks at our Greater Whitsunday Farmers Market.

Walking around the Bluewater Quay precinct and chatting to people doesn’t really feel like work! I also like to plan any stakeholder meetings on Wednesdays so that everyone gets to enjoy the market ambience. 

Talking about our members, the Greater Whitsunday Food Network team is very excited  to announce a new role within our organisation: Member Engagement and Communications Coordinator. 

This position has recently been advertised and I encourage anyone with a suitable skillset who is passionate about fresh produce to apply. While writing the position description, I got so enthused about the prospect of filling this role and the benefits that the new position will offer to our loyal members.

If you know of a “engagement star” get them to check out the details on our Greater Whitsunday Farmers Market Facebook page. Recently I was chatting at the markets with Denise from Pure N Natural Honey about one of her byproducts – Wax Blocks. Denise said “It has a lot of uses from making lip balm, shoe polish and sustainable food wraps.”

 While picking up my regular supply of Water Kefir, I started chatting with Aileen Valencia, who remarked that she has been coming to the markets for a while and recently had become very curious about water kefir. “I did a bit of research and found out it’s good for gut health” she said, “and with Renae being so friendly and happy to share more information.

 I finally decided to purchase a bottle of lemon and ginger kefir water, to give it a try. Can’t wait!” On the stall tables right now we’re still seeing a good supply of strawberries, zucchinis, capsicum, green beans and beetroot.

 In my world that means lots of nutritious smoothies! Next week, I’ll be giving you the heads-up on some great market giveaways our team has been working on, so, watch this space. In the meantime, I hope to see you at the markets. Happy Market Shopping!

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