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2 July, 2021

Mackay Netball donates

MACKAY Netball Association has made a generous donation of $1000 to Ronald McDonald House this week.

Ronald McDonald House was chosen because the Association wanted to make a difference in the lives of sick children.

Chair Allison Bugeja said they held a silly hair and crazy sock day back in May to raise funds. Proceeds from the day’s efforts went to the charity.

She explained the day was an event where “everyone was will ing to put their hand in their pockets, (knowing) that they had just a gold coin donation”.

Mackay Netball Association players went all in to raise the money.

Allison said it felt good to donate the funds to the charity.

“The funds go to whichever charity that we go for each year. This year, we went for the Ronald McDonald House,” Mrs Bugeja said.

“I think it’s always good to give back to whatever charity you can. Every year, we try to (make it) go towards a good cause.

“We held it over the Junior Competition on the Saturday, the Premier League Competition on the Tuesday and the Senior Com- petition on the Wednesday.”

Mrs Bugeja said the little kids loved it and “it’s a highlight of their (day) – they go crazy”.

However, all of their players were happy to get on board and had an absolute blast, looking their brightest and craziest.

“The seniors get into it as much as the seven-year-olds do,” she said.

“They were all happy to do it. Some teams wore mad special socks. You could tell people went into an effort to look like a unified team.

“We have team prizes and my team all wore rainbow socks, they just go all in. They really enjoyed it. They wanted to support it."

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