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2 July, 2021

Love of music bonds family

IT WAS a love with music that inspired a father-son duo to join the Mackay and District Pipe Band.

Last week, the pipe band was busy practising for their anniversary at the Bluewater Quay.

MC Ian Dean said he has been a member of the band for 12 years.

He initially joined as his then-teenaged son loved playing music.

Mr Dean told his son he used to play the bagpipes as a child, before he lost interest as a teenager.

“I learnt the pipes as a kid and then, in my teen years, gave them up, as I discovered alcohol and girls thirty years later, I had a teenaged son who liked music,” Mr Dean said.

“I ran into somebody I knew. I got to know someone who’s a member of the pipe band and I said to him ‘I used to play the pipes’.

“He said, ‘you should come along and join the pipe band’ – I had to start again. Basically, relearn all of all the things I unlearned over the years of not touching the pipes.

“My son ended up joining the band as well, so we made it a family thing.”

He said there are a number of families present in the band, all who want to connect with their children.

“There’s two motivations for being in the band. One is the music, a lot of people start off joining for the music, but then they form friendships,” he said.

“We’ve got a mother and daughter over there, mother on the pipes and daughter out the front playing the tenor drum.

“We’ve got one family who has three members in the pipe band.

“It’s like a ready made social circle, you get to meet people from other places.”

Mr Dean said the Mackay and District Pipe Band sometimes visits other towns as well for competitions, while other bands visit Mackay.

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