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17 July, 2021

Looking to be a warm weekend

L&K Mackay Severe Weather

ON THE weather front: For Friday and Saturday, we will see warm temperatures still quite warm. We have a change pushing through Saturday afternoon which will return the cold weather pretty much straight away Saturday night send temperatures back down to single digits again to remind us it’s still winter.

So while we have temps Friday and Saturday between 16°C and 30°C region wide, as soon as that change pushes through the region, we will see temperatures Sunday morning back down to 8°C on the coast, 4°C in the Pioneer Valley and 2°C up in Eungella with Max daytime temps around the low 20s. The wind chill will be back with the change as well making it feel quite cooler than what it actually is too. 

The “Cold Shoulder” from mother nature should last until at least mid-next week. Out on the water: While the change is pushing through, Friday and Saturday will look a bit hairy  10-15 knots increasing to 20 knots during the morning with seas around 1 meter increasing to 1.5m offshore with a 0.5 swell.

Friday is the Northerly wind then as the change pushes through on Saturday, the wind will become South-westerly and with the wind chill. The temperature first light Sunday morning last week near the Sarina Showgrounds was reported to me as below 0°C.

 We recieved several reports of ice on cars and tents with some very brave ladies and gentlemen braving the cold with their model gliders and planes as the Sarina Aero Modellers held annual competition.

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