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3 June, 2021

Local Indigenous support group celebates Mabo Day

JUNE 3 marks Mabo Day, also known as Sorry Day, which is when Eddie Koiki Mabo campaigned for 10 years for indigenous rights

On June 3, 1992, the Australian High Court overturned Terra Nullius, which was the concept that Australia was uninhabited by humans before colonisation by the British.

ATISCHS indigenous health worker Frank Cook acknowledged the importance of the day for him.

"It's very personal and dear to my heart, it just means a lot when everyone comes together like this, as a community and everybody just recognises the day," Mr Cook said.

"Today marks the 29th anniversary of Mabo Day. It's about Eddie Koiki Mabo and the plantiffs, who won a court case which abolished the terminology and constitution of Terra Nullius.

"It's a historical day we celebrate every year on June the Third. Being a Tores Strait Islander, Which Eddie Koiki Mabo was from the island of Mer.

"We're both from the same clan, the Piadaram Clan."

Mr Cook said that everyone he talked to enjoyed the day, which had all of the elders giving a speech, a flag-raising ceremony to start the day off, along with dancing and cultural food.

"It's significant for elders to pass down that knowledge to the youth," he said.

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