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9 May, 2021

Just do you. And do it well.

THANK you to those of you who have lent to me their feedback on my column! I am grateful for any feedback!

By Meredith Papas

I remember a conversation I once had with the fabulously successful, Queensland-based hair guru/tycoon Stefan Ackerie where he implored that we take every offering of feedback – positive and negative – as a gift. It is something that has stuck with me right through my career (and my life) and it is a powerful way of defusing that which you might otherwise and unnecessarily take personally.

Just as important as being prepared to listen, is being prepared to be truly, and unapologetically, you. Of course, this needs to be tempered with humility and self-awareness (quite, important, those things) but to be, accept, and own you – as you – is a mighty and empowering thing.

Not everyone is going to get it. Not everyone will like, agree or see the point. But you cannot be everything to everyone. So don’t.

We have all had those experiences where we have found ourselves as proverbial square pegs in round holes. Certainly, and those of you who read last week will know, I am a believer in operating beyond one’s comfort zone as much as possible.

But not to the detriment or cost of who you really are, what you do best or where you can be the best version of you.

Push yourself to learn and grow. Listen to all the opinions and feedback. Be prepared to jump in, boots and all, and give something a go.

Some things will work. Some things won’t.

There is just as much magic – and power – knowing what’s not you, just as there is knowing what is.

You are You. So, own it. Be it. Capitalise on it.

Just. YOU. How fabulous!

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