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22 June, 2021


INTERNATIONAL superstar Georgia Knoll from Mackay, a young woman with down syndrome, is announced as Australia's ambassador for Jamie's Ministry of Food (JMOF).

You may have heard of Georgia when she shot to international fame after crashing a live TV broadcast in 2016. The broadcast received over 100M views.

Georgia, a brilliant young woman with Down Syndrome, is breaking down barriers that many people with disabilities face.

At only 28 years old, she has been a model, an actress, a public speaker, a volunteer, a sales assistant at Coles, a waitress and now an Ambassador representing Jamie Oliver in Australia.

In March of this year, Georgia enrolled in a program with Jamie's Ministry of Food in Mackay (Qld), learning new cooking skills and all about healthy eating.

The program is designed by her culinary crush, Jamie Oliver, to get people cooking and eating healthier, more nutritious food.

Georgia Knoll instantly became one of the biggest advocates for the program and has now been appointed the first formal ambassador for Jamie's Ministry of Food Australia.

She is encouraging people to get on board, particularly kids these school holidays, for a Jamie's Ministry of Food cooking program.

To find out more you can visit

Georgia encourages everyone to sign up to the JMOF program.

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