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11 June, 2021

Impacting positively on planet

WELCOME to a new column where we share zero waste practices and small steps to incorporate into daily life to make a positive impact on the planet.

Like you, we are busy with life, family, work and beyond. We believe there is an urgency for humanity to get moving with velocity, to preserve and protect the natural world.

Here’s our story: One day Karen searched up soapberries in the Whitsundays. Up came Lucy’s page The Crafty Weasel.

Karen contacted Lucy and purchased her zero waste non toxic dishwasher tabs.

They met for the drop off. Karen shared her vision for the Whitsundays to be the first zero waste town in Australia. Lucy said “let’s go”.

We started to create a Zero Waste community to share resources.

Our motto is: And here we are, inspired to learn there are very many of us in our community with the same desire, wanting to do our part and willing to discover how.

Each week, we will share simple ideas.

From taking your own reusable shopping bags, to going all in for Plastic Free July, there is so much scope to increase our awareness and take practical daily actions.

We understand that for many of us, those actions need to be easy.

As a community we have a tremendous amount of potential to shift the needle in measurable ways.

We would love to hear about your zero waste interest or journey.

Feel free to connect with us on Instagram @zerowastewhitsundays for more resources or join our private FB group to share your story with us.

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