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20 June, 2021

Honour for ANZAC

A SARINA street will be renamed to Connolly Street in honour of an ANZAC who fought in the First World War.

Peter Connolly was an ANZAC soldier born in Sarina and served in the Australian Imperial Force.

The Sarina Museum and Mackay Family History Society were approached by the Mackay Regional Council to provide names of ANZAC soldiers.

They soon settled upon one name: Peter Connolly.

“The enlistment records of Peter Conolly show that, at the age of 27 years, Peter Connolly joined the Australian Imperial Force on April 1, 1916,” the report said.

“He served in the Reinforcements and 9th Field Company Engineers and returned to Australia on September 8, 1919.”

The Connolly Family are a historically significant local family, who were pioneers in the Sarina Area.

They pioneered farming for the Sarina Area and obtained a land claim at Louisa Creek.

Brooks Road West residents voiced their frustrations to the Mackay Regional Council about having two similarly named streets.

In a June 9 report, Mackay Regional Councillors discussed the possibility of renaming Brooks Road West to Connolly Street to reduce confusion.

This is because the Sarina area has two streets with similar names: Brooks Road and Brooks Road West.

The report explained that emergency services had difficulties finding the correct address, along with mail being misdelivered.

“This would improve the provision of emergency services and goods and services to residents,” the report said.

"(In addition, this would) reduce the subsequent risks associated with the similar street names."

The report explained that "Brooks Road West turns off the Bruce Highway, on the northern approach to Sarina”.

“After the intersection with Sarina Beach Road, Brooks Road then Commences," the report said.

“This has caused confusion for residents, due to the close proximity of these streets and...both having duplicated street numbers.”

The Council contacted local Homeowners and businesses about renaming Brooks Road West.

“The responses have been overwhelmingly in favour of the name change to Connolly Street, with six landholders replying in favour of the name change,” the report said.

The Mackay Regional Council approved renaming the street to Connolly Street, in honour of the ANZAC and his family.

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