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20 June, 2021

Highland fling is a beautiful thing

INTERNATIONAL Dance Affair hosted their annual Highland and Irish Dancing competitions in Mackay on the weekend at North Mackay State High School Hall.

Competitors from Cairns, Townsville, Ayr, Mackay, Rockhampton and Brisbane competed for the prestigious Title and Premiership events, section dances and groups.

Jacqueline Wilson from Cairns was the Highland Dancing Adjudicator for the Highland Dancing Competition on Saturday and Breeda Peirce ADCRG was the Irish Dancing Adjudicator for the Irish Dancing Competition on Sunday. 

Both adjudicators enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the competition and the high standard of dancing from the dancers across our state. 

  Major Title winners on Saturday were:  Mikahila Miller, Townsville (Beginners 7 & 8 Years), Trinity Lowe, Rockhampton (Beginners 9 Years & Over), Amy Williamson, Mackay (Novice All Ages), Olivia Knight, Mackay (Intermediate All Ages), Bella Bostrom, Townsville (Premier 15 Years & Under), Tamlyn Evans, Mackay (Premier 16 Years & Over).  Eden Wells, Mackay was awarded the Beginners/Novice Encouragement Award and Tamlyn Evans, Mackay was awarded the Highland Dancer of the Day Award.

Major Premiership winners on Sunday were: Millie Mounsey, Mackay (Beginners 9 Years & Under), Rebekah Harris, Mackay (Beginners 10 Years & Over), Elizabeth Mortimer, Mackay (Primary 11 Years & Under), Sophie Woods, Townsville (Primary 12 Years & Over), Kaydee O’Brien, Mackay (Intermediate 12 Years & Under), Abigail Manning, Mackay (Intermediate 13 Years & Over), Jessica Davis, Brisbane (Open 13 Years & Under), Anika Grant, Brisbane (Open 14 & 15 Years), Chelsea Danastas, Mackay (16 Years & Over).  Millie Mounsey, Mackay was awarded the Beginners/Primary Encouragement Award and Katelyn Shepherd, Mackay was awarded the Most Promising Dancer of the Day Award.

Principal of International Dance Affair, Sandra Danastas said it was a fantastic display of Highland and Irish Dancing throughout the weekend and it could not be possible to run an event of this magnitude without the sponsorship of our local businesses and our dancing families. 

The organisation is truly grateful to the parents and friends of International Dance Affair for your tireless work in the lead up to these competitions and throughout the weekend to ensure the continued success of this annual event. 

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