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4 July, 2021

For those out there who rock,we salute you

WHEN opportunity knocks... Some answer and some just miss their cue.

By Meredith Papas

Take COVID-19, for instance.

Blimey, if ever there was a chance for people to either pivot and make the most of a sit- uation or wallow in their own pit of despair and self-depreciation, then last year (and, let’s face it, this year as well) has been the make or break.

Through conversation and via the fabulous- ness (and not-so-fabulousness) of social me- dia, I have seen some shining, and rather dim examples of both.

On the one hand there are those who have cried foul, lamented their lot and thrown for themselves a pity party of epic (and pathetic) proportions.

And then, there are the awesome peo- ple who I have watched take this god-awful situation and make it work for them. They are totally owning their lot in life and kicking massive goals.

Are they where they thought they’d be?

No way!

Never in a million years did anyone think this would go down the crazy path it has.

But far out!

How cool that people have jumped off the ‘poor me’ band wagon and made some really cool moves into the ‘entre- preneurial’ space!

I have a friend in small events business who finished a children’s book she had been work- ing on, another friend who was in the aviation industry who started working for herself as a consultant selling products she really believes in, another friend has taken their whole busi- ness online, and another took the time to re- search, hone the marketing and shore up clien- tele for a business she was able to launch with gusto when the heaviest of the 2020 lockdowns started to lift.

Amazing, I tell you!


Then there were the restaurants which turned dine-in into take-away in the blink of an eye, the local grocers who lifted their col- lective game on click and collect shopping and the list goes on.

But if there was something I absolutely loved about the business mettle which came from pandemic pandemonium, it was seeing how small local businesses rose to the occa- sion and did everything they could to keep their staff, service their customers and do all of this without the expectation or concern about handouts.

Jobseeker, Jobkeeper, you name it, and it was up for grabs – and for some this was a genuine lifesaver.

No issue there.

But there was something more than a little bit tear jerking about those which battened down and did what they do best for those that matter most – their staff and their customers.

It made those who used COVID as a flip- pant excuse for a poor sense of business judge- ment look even more pathetic than they might have in isolation.

To those who have gone the hard yards, who have thought outside of the proverbial square and done something they might not have oth- erwise to make “it” work through COVID-19 – good on you!

You’re a legend of epic style and fabulousness and we salute you!

To those who have done it tough and, through no fault of their own, have found the going tough and even insurmountable at times, we say, Hang in there!

You’ve got this, we’ve got you and you are the genuine reason there is a need for things like grants, government pay- ments and offerings to tide you over.

You will make it through.

To the rest of you, who think it’s okay just to lament your lot and whinge for the sake of it; who think you’re ‘entitled to a handout just because you’re you’, we have an equally clear and heart felt message: Wake the bloody hell up to yourself!

You know you can do bet- ter, you know you have a choice.

So get up, play the hand you’ve been dealt and stop your whinging.

You’re wasting your time and the tax payer’s money with every moment you decide to invest in little more than lament and woe.

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