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20 June, 2021

FANTASTIC artistic plastic

MACKAY artist Margaret Burgess is using her art in the battle against what she sees as one of the world’s major environmental issues – plastic pollution.

By Charlie Payne

She says nature and the battle against plastics are the key motivators for her creation of beautiful things.

She uses recycled plastics in jewellery and sculptures, which she sees as a great way to engage people in the conversation about one of the world’s major environmental issues.

Margaret has recently joined about 50 crafters who display their creations at the Sarina Arts and Crafts Centre, and she also has artwork and jewellery at the Artist Collective at Caneland and Artspace Mackay.

“Plastics and the environmental damage they are causing are a major concern to me,” she said.

“Nature and life itself have been a constant source of inspiration for me, and I am now working with a lot of recycled plastics in my jewellery and artwork.

“Using plastics in art encourages people to engage in this major environmental issue and to look at their own relationship with plastics.”

Margaret said she had been on a creative journey for as long as she could remember.

“As a teenager I used to do portraits of my friends, and I picked up a paint brush again when my children were small. My eldest is now 40.

“I create original artwork, sculptures prints and jewellery.”

After attending TAFE for many years, when she learnt various painting mediums, sculpture and printmaking, she attended art classes with the late Clem Forbes.

“Clem was an interesting  tutor. He taught you how to think creatively,   took us right out of our comfort zones and inspired us to be unique.”

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