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25 May, 2021

Exercising? Be Seen - Be Safe!

With the glorious North Queensland Winter Months almost upon us, it is the perfect temperature to head outside for a walk.

But during the reduced daylight hours, Road Accident Action Group (RAAG) would like to remind the public the dangers of not being visible when working out near traffic.

The Work Out Visibily (WOV) Pedestrian and Cyclist safety initative is a project of the RAAG, ensuring walkers, riders and runners are visible to other road users and to create driver awareness of active people, in low light conditions.

There are many ways joggers, walkers and bike riders can ensure they are visible when working out near roads, RAAG life member and volunteer Graeme Ransley urges the public to "keep visibility in mind when exercising".

There are many simple and effective measures you can take: Wear light or bright clothing, use front and back lights and side reflectors when on your bike, and don't forget your best friend - reflectorised dog collars or leashes are also a great idea.

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