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4 June, 2021

Donation breathes new life for Riding for Disabled Association

RIDING for Disabled Association Mackay have been desperately needing more volunteers and support for a while.

Happy as Larry: President Rebecca Sharp (left) with volunteer Beverly Hunter (centre) and Port of Mackay Rotary Club President Ron Palmer (right).

President Rebecca Sharp was absolutely stoked when she received a $3000 cheque from the Port of Mackay Rotary Club.

"Port of Mackay Rotary club have invited us back to accept a cheque, which they donated to us for $3000," Mrs Sharp said.

"Mackay riding for Disabled will have some association with Port of Mackay Rotary, they'll help us with working bees...I've already set a date for not this Sunday, next Sunday, 13th of June.

"They'll help us with the grounds. they'll come on board as a buddy. not actually volunteers on a regular basis, but help us out with working bees and stuff like that."

Mrs Sharp explained they had few volunteers because the COVID pandemic caused the Association to lose quite a few.

Despite the setbacks, she was all smiles because of the new found support.

"I'm really excited, we've got no volunteers for that sort of stuff at the moment: it's been me, Ros (the vice president), we had a lady, a friend of mine, she was doing the tractor," she said.

However, she was grinning from ear to ear about the endless possibilities, stoked that she can finally buy a new lawnmower, amongst many other upgrades.

"We are going to use it to put towards the garden, that we're doing for past volunteers that been with us in the organisation that passed on, so we're doing a plaque," she said.

"It can be very handy to feed the horses, when all our feed dries and it normally does in winter.

"We can fork out nearly $300 a week on horses - we got to feed six horses, it's very expensive."

Some of the money will be kept in the kitty, which would help to pay off electricity bills and rates for example.

Mrs Sharp said the club had an upcoming raffle during July 29 and 30 at Caneland Central, which would be a birthday theme in appreciation for one of their horses.

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