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26 June, 2021

Des hommes aux femmes

ASON Chetcuti, Michael Finch...Brooke Nash, all home-grown fashion icons in their own right who have taken our misunderstood and rather eclectic tropical paradise from “faux pas” to superstar. By Delton Clark

However, the project runway designers and Instagram top model are all very busy doing amazing things in the industry – which leaves you all here with me!

Who am I, what am I doing here and what would I know about fashion you may ask?

Well, I am Delton Clark and as the title of my column suggests (if you can read French without Google Translate) I have gone “From men’s to women’s”, and we aren’t just talking about the clothes that I wear.

But more on that another time.

I am here to give you all my sometimes funny, sometimes bitter yet all-in-all irreverent opinion surrounding fashion in our community.

I’ll be talking about how fashion applies to everyone – yes even you 60-year-old straight males skimming through this column.

I’ll also be getting out and about and up close and personal with some of our local boutiques, event holders and designers; to give you a little bit of an insight on what’s happening behind the scenes while you’re doing whatever it is you do.

Let’s now rewind to me growing up as a little ‘“Millennial” boy on the edge of the destruction of human morals and sophisticated style – a.k.a the arrival of Generation Z.

It’s fair to say I’ve seen my fair share of hits and misses in the fashion world and on Victoria Street on a busy Saturday night circa 2011.

The earliest fantasy I can recall was watching Julia Roberts go from nada to Prada in Pretty Woman.

All I had to do was stand on the street looking like I had just woken up out of bed and some man was going to pick me up and buy me nice clothes, right? – I was also only 10 years old.

So what about between the time of my dirty little secret of subconsciously wanting to be a hooker to getting a Louis Vuitton bag and live in the Beverley Wilshire and becoming the fabulous, independent indigenous woman today?

Well, I slowly but surely had to transition from modelling men’s fashion in various catalogues, magazines and on the runway at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010 to making sure I picked the right type of ‘A’ line skirt to give my body some sort of allure as opposed to resembling a javelin.

I’ve witnessed births, deaths and resurgences of trends and styles; as of late we are seeing the resurgence of 90s punk or grunge but better and in a non-apologetic way full of expression, execution and homage paid to the piece of neo-noir cinematic art we call Pulp Fiction.

Well that’s enough about me and, lets face it, I’m no Anna Wintour so lets keep our time together as short lived, warm and memorable as an Ed Hardy or Juicy Couture tracksuit.

Until next week friends, Ciao.

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