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21 August, 2021

Crime rates softer than neighbours

IF YOU keep a keen eye on social media, you’d think the Mackay region was the in the midst of a Gotham City style crime wave.

But don’t call in Batman just yet. Crime figures released this week by Queensland Police show the Mackay region might not be as bad as the crime pages are making out. When considered against regions to our north and south, Mackay region  which takes in our Mackay Local News readership from Bowen, to Collinsville, to Moranbah and Clermont then east to St Lawrence  Mackay is not doing too badly. 

Both Rockhampton and Townsville regions reported higher rates of crime in their respective regions. That’s not to say police are resting on their laurels. In fact, the opposite is true. “People still do commit the offences and they do run the gauntlet, but (the community) should rest assured that we have a dedicated property offence team, and they are out there, very active, and they are getting results,” Mackay police Detective Inspector Tom Armitt said.

 Det Insp Armitt said police were arresting more people more often for property related crime throughout the Mackay region. He said offenders were predominantly adult and most were well known to police.

 The best defence against becoming the victim of a crime, especially property offences, was to lock up and ensure they deny offenders  or potential offenders  with any opportunity to break in or commit property offences. 

“The best thing we can do, is to remind the community to take their safety and their security into their own hands  

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