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13 June, 2021

Colour Ride brings a smile to children

THE 2021 Kids Colour Ride was popular with Mackay’s Children today, as many rode their bikes with a smile and helped raise money for charity.

Kids Colour is a popular community event where children and adults can ride their bikes and be splashed with colour

The Kids Colour Ride has been running since 2018, where it promotes the River 2 Reef ride and helps raise money for charity.

In addition, paritcipating children will be splashed with colour as they ride through the course.

Heather Schaper heard of the Colour Ride and brought her daughter along today to have a fun time with some of the other children.

Mrs Schaper said she organised the idea with her cousin to bring their children along.

“I think it’s amazing: it’s good to get the children out in the community and have fun,” Mrs Schaper said.

“I love that the donations are going to charity and they get all of the children together mixing and socialising.”

River 2 Reef event coordinator Libby Robinson said the event is well loved by the community and had “135 kids registered”.

“Today’s the Kids Colour Ride, which is to launch the River 2 Reef Ride. We started this in 2018 just as a community...and a fun event for kids,” Ms Robinson said.

She explained that “little kids can’t ride in the River 2 Reef. We wanted to come up with something different, rather than riding their bikes around the path – it’s turned out really well”.

“We always used to do a big fancy launch to launch the event. But we’re also trying to do an event, so we thought ‘the kids can launch the River 2 Reef for us’,” she said.

“Kids love it and the adults love it. The adults can ride or the adults can stand here and throw colour at their kids.

“The volunteers love it. It is actually fun – it’s messy but it’s fun.”

Ms Robinson said she loved seeing the children smile in delight as they ride and have colour thrown at them.

“They just think it’s great. It’s not a race, they just ride - it’s a leisurely ride,” she said.

“We do have a shorter distance, so kids can do like, about three or four km’s, or can go all the way down to Hospital Bridge, which is an eight km loop back.

“They turn around and come back at any stage.”

Money from the ride will be donated to Real Mates Talk, RACQ CQ Rescue and Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association Mackay.

Visit for more information.

Registrations open on June 14.

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