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22 August, 2021

Carving out love and presents

FATHER’S Day is just around the corner and what better present for your man than a timber carving by Mackay crafter Bob Armstrong.

Bob has spent more than 10 years creating intricate intarsia carvings and is offering his pieces at a discount leading up to Father’s Day on September 5 at the Sarina Arts and Crafts Centre. “It’s an intricate process to make one,” he said.

“First you’ve got to figure out what you want, and get the right coloured timbers to match the design. The pieces have to be cut to size and shape, sanded and polished, then you’ve got to attach them to their platform. 

“You can’t really put a time on how long it takes to make one piece as you can only do one thing at a time. There is the sanding and carving, gluing and drying and I so I might spend a few hours on one piece and then go to another. 

Sometimes it takes three or four days to make one piece.” His favourite is a bull rider, and one of his toughest challenges was to create a green frog climbing up a tree. “You can’t get green (coloured) timber so you gave to paint it to colour it, same with black, you have to ebonise it.”

 Bob estimates he has about 27 carvings hanging on his wall, and over the years he’s probably made hundreds of them, along with wooden toys which are also available for sale at the centre. 

The Sarina Arts and Crafts Centre is at the Field of Dreams parkland and is open seven days a week 10-3 Monday-Friday and 10-1 weekends  

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