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22 August, 2021

By George, hes said too much

by Frank Gilbert OUR local Federal Member Mr Christensen will be feeling well pleased with the publicity he generated for himself with his statements on COVID in the House of Representatives early last week - but many locals aren’t so impressed.

After Mr Christensen’s tirade arguing that masks and lockdowns don’t work - which was condemned by both the House of Representatives and the Senate - there was talk across Mackay. For a long while Mr Christensen has been regarded locally as a ‘maverick’ who speaks his mind, a trait considered likeable by many. 

But now it’s his political views on COVID which have started to turn the community against him. Talk heard in tearooms at local workplaces, including at our hospital, is that Mr Christensen has “truly gone off the rails” and is now “a bit special” (direct quote).

 It’s no surprise more locals are seeing him like this. He’s not only putting our enviable COVID-free lifestyle at risk, but his misinformation is undermining everything our local health workers are doing to keep people safe and to stop the hospital from being inundated with people in ICU and on ventilators. 

You see Mr Christensen likes to label every threat to his privilege as a threat to his freedom. But in exercising our freedom we need to be sure not to impinge the freedom and safety of others who want to be protected. In his speech Mr Christensen said, “It is time we stopped spreading fear and acknowledged some facts.” 

I totally agree, but unfortunately, in true Orwellian style he went on to spread fear and falsehoods. Hardly the actions of a freedom fighter! Leaders of government, who are courageous and decisive in the face of vociferous criticism and implement early, short, sharp lockdowns have demonstrated success in controlling outbreaks. 

 And locals see that too. A worker at a cafe recently told me, “you can say what you want about lockdowns, but they do work.” There are economic and social costs to lockdowns of course, but the costs of letting the virus rip are far greater.

 Mr Christensen’s perverse social experiment would destroy our local industries, overwhelm our hospitals, and most horrifically, lead to more deaths, especially our most vulnerable including children.

 From here on, it’s no doubt Mr Christensen will continue to spread his crazy conspiracy theories, but there are other unknowns.

 In the face of more embarrassing challenges to the Federal Government around Mr Christensen’s Covid views, what will the Prime Minister do? And secondly, will Mr Christensen recant his promise to retire from politics and instead try to return in some form or other?   

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