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2 July, 2021

Budgies make great companions

SARINA Pets and Produce has a wide range of animals and accessories.

Consider your individual lifestyle and living situation when you are choosing a pet.

Birds such as budgies can provide affection, companionship, and entertain- ment with not much work on your part. Budgies make great pets for people with limited space.

They are one of the smallest parrots and therefore don’t re- quire a very large cage. Budgies are the easiest to care for of all pets.

Budgies are happy if they have plenty of stimulating toys; just ensure they are the right size and made from non-toxic material.

Sarina Pets and Produce has a wide range of wonderful budgie toys to keep your budgie playing happy.

Cleaning a budgie’s cage each day simply requires fresh water and a change of newspaper. Investing in a cage skirt will ensure you have very little mess under and around your budgie’s cage.

Budgies are naturally one of the most cleanest members of the bird species, making them an ideal pet for beginners.

Budgies love to learn and show off new tricks.

They excel at climbing horizontal ladders; absolutely love swings; dropping balls through hoops; hanging upside down from your finger.

A budgie can even be shown how to ride a skateboard!

Because budgies are incredibly social animals they do best with constant companionship.

Two budgies are normally always better than one as two budgies keep each other occupied so well that you are able to leave them alone more often without feeling any guilt.

Budgies will sing to each other, play together, and provide you with hours of free entertainment.

And with two budgies, you get all of the love, fun, and benefits of owning one bird — times two!

We welcome to you to our Sarina Pets & Produce Store, 35 Broad Street Sarina where you can be enthralled by the gorgeous, colourful, unique range of budgies and birds to choose as your own ‘easy to care for’ and ‘super special’ pets.

Phone us on 4943 1334 for any queries you may have about Budgies or any other pets. We’d love to help you.

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