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11 June, 2021

Alternate reality on gas talk

THERE has been a lot of talk about gas lately. One thing needs to be made very clear – gas is as dirty as coal.

It is a potent greenhouse driver. It is not a “transition” fuel.

No amount of spin from the Prime Minister or his mates in the gas lobby will change these facts.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in an alternate reality.

As reported on May 19 in response to the federal government’s announcement of plans to build a gas plant in the Hunter Valley, Deloitte economist Nicki Hutley said gas no longer made economic sense in Australia.

“It drives up electricity prices, it increases emissions at a time when the rest of the world is reducing emissions, and it creates very few jobs,” she said.

“The majority of benefit from this move will be concentrated in the hands of large gas corporations at the expense of lives and livelihoods.

“The government should invest in renewable energy technology.”

These facts highlight why there should be no development of gas in the northern Bowen Basin (or anywhere else).

Another reality reinforcement for those clinging to the false hope that there is any long-term future left for fossil fuels came last week when the Callide coal-fired power station broke down (as our ageing fleet of power stations regularly do) and the Hornsdale Power Reserve, a Tesla Powerpack system in South Australia responded instantaneously and the battery was able to do this in just two seconds.

Renewables backed with batteries are cheaper than new fossil fuel generation, more reliable, and by far safer for the future of our planet and our species.

Finally, check out the story filmed in Clermont on ABC’s 7.30 which aired last Tuesday, June 7 focusing on the conversation we as a region and a community need to have about a plan for a Just Transition, our future and our collective prosperity.

A conversation about the true and new reality.

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