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6 July, 2021

Age: Number or dress code?

From the clear and crisp winter mornings to the arrival of the full moon, this was a perfect recipe to get out and about and just sit with a soda water iced long black as cold, bitter and dark as my heart and (drum roll please) people watch - just to see what the universe had dragged in. By Delton Clark

Whilst I was enjoying the array of warm tones and fabulous jeans with rips that didn’t look like they were keeping anything warm, I was struck with a deep thought.

Like anything that pertains to our identity, is there such thing as the “appropriation of fashion”?

It just seems somewhat oxymoronic to have something that we use to express ourselves with such individuality that is born from pure inspiration, almost instantly categorise us with such strict metaphorical guide- lines and expectation.

Upon this arose the million-dollar question - “What determines our style to be too young or too old?”.

They say you’re only as old as you feel, right?

Does the same concept apply to dressing the age that we feel? Conventionally our dress code evolves into something rather more conservative as we age which would denote a sense of maturity and wisdom.

However, I feel there must be some synchronicity between our psychical appearance, personality and the clothes we choose to put on our back.

I can assure you I’ve rubbed shoulders with a plethora of demographics and quite the colourful arrangement of personalities, but this thought really prompted me to delve into things.

On the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Baby Q of Mackay’s star event planner, market- ing manager and South’s Leagues darling Heather Cole.

The guest list was packed with a diverse mix of parents, grandparents, expecting, bachelors and bachelorettes.

The expert work of South Side Cabinet Makers produced an extravagant backdrop, setting with a neutral blush palette which complimented the opu- lent style and sea of earthy tones resembling that of a beautiful dried native flower arrangement.

Our brow and beauty queen Mikaela Green of Fleek Brow and Beauty graced us with a splash of blush pink donning a Monogram Louis Vuitton Alma whilst the musically talented and fashion forward lo- cally produced DJ duo @Mylkshake brought us a taste of Southeast Queensland style.

Aprile sported custom 90s-themed Hello Kitty X Louis Vuitton sneakers whist Kristen made it quite evident the resurgence of butterfly banana hair clips stating they were “Here and now!”.

Upon reflection of the night (fighting the crippling effects of a mix of Aperol Spritz and too many vinos) I had come to conclusion that I was surrounded by Grandmothers and Grandmothers-to-be that present- ed better than some my age and radiated youth as if they were the fountains themselves, proving that age and style in fact have no limit.

Nevertheless, contrary to the fact that fashion is very much a form of art and/or expression which re- flects who we are on the inside, alas even in contem- porary times we need take conventional measures to be taken seriously – or do we? For now, in the words of Miranda Priestly....that’s all.

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